Using WeathrClip

WeathrClip lives in the top menu bar of your screen - it does not have a dock icon. Click the weather icon to view the popover window. To hide the popover window, click the weather icon again or click anywhere outside of the app.

A tutorial is provided at the initial launch of the app and can be opened at any time from the Preferences Window. You can disable the launch of the tutorial from within the Tutorial Window or from the Preferences Window.

Day Details

Click on the weather icon for each day to view more details about that particular day. A text forecast is given for the day and night along with a 24-hour forecast. The hourly forecast provides the percent chance of precipitation (Precip), amount of precipitation (Qpf), percent humidity (Hum), UV index (UV), and temperature (Temp). To return to the main window, click anywhere inside the day or night boxes.

Selecting and Editing Locations

To choose a different location, click on the Locations dropdown button. Then, select the desired location. The Current Location item will attempt to determine your computer's location based on its IP address (accuracy depends on your ISP).

To add a location, open the Preferences Window and type the location into the top textfield and press the Enter key to search for that location. A list of matching locations will be displayed. Select the closest location by doube-clicking it or pressing the Enter key again. To cancel the location search, press the Esc key.

To re-arrange your list of locations, select a location in the table and drag it to the desired position.

Adding a Weather Station ID

Personal weather stations from the Weather Underground can be added as a location.

Select Format and Units

You can change the format of the menu bar temperature by selecting one of four options. The units that are displayed in the app can also be changed in the Preferences Window.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate controls the interval that the weather data is updated.

Launch At Startup

Select the Launch at System Startup option to have WeathrClip automatically start when you start or login to your computer.

Reset Preferences

Restore preferences to their default values. This will quit the application, and changes will take effect when you restart WeathrClip.

Weather Underground

WeathrClip gathers all of its weather data from the Weather API developed by the Weather Underground. Click their logo on the right to visit their website and show your support.


Please send an email to for technical support, comments, or suggestions for future updates.